DALLAS (KDAF) — Not only is it a great day and week to be alive, but the month of October is going to be a special one as it is National Cookie Month!

NationalToday says, “Nothing screams leisure than enjoying your home-baked or store-bought cookies with a warm glass of milk and your favorite T.V show. Taking care of yourself is in fact one way to celebrate this month.”

So, as this month will be filled with cookies baked at home and bought at the grocery store, where can you find the best cookie shops in the nation? A report from Time Out dove into their detective pants to find the best cookies in the country and would you believe that one of the shops listed just so happens to be from Texas?

“Let’s face facts, the cookie is as critical to American culture as apple pie. They may not be the fanciest of sweets, but a good cookie can easily outshine any dessert du jour,” the report says.

Ranked at a jaw-dropping No. 2, Fluff Bake Bar in the city of Houston will be baking their hearts out and pouring all the love they can spare into their cookies.

“Houston’s ‘Sugar Fairy’ (also known as Rebecca Masson) has cast a saccharine spell on the Lone Star city with her homemade fluffernutter cookies. Drawing from the flavors of the dessert-like sandwich, she bookends peanut butter cream and sticky marshmallow with gloriously rich peanut butter and oatmeal biscuits. They’re so popular, Fluff Bake Bar goes through crates of the spreadable confection, which Masson, of course, sources directly from its birthplace of Lynn, Massachusetts.”

Time Out

For a look at the full report and all of its findings, click here!