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DALLAS– There’s a calm in downtown Dallas as the Convention Center gets set up for the NRA Convention.

However, a storm may be on its way.

President Trump will be speaking on Friday, and the protestors are getting ready.

“It’s really scary to have this man in our city,” Dominique Alexander, president of Next Generation Action Network said.

The organization is planning a protest at 6:30 pm on Friday.

Alexander says, “We are going to make sure that the NRA knows they are not welcome here in the city of Dallas,” Alexander said. They are expecting thousands of people.

There is also a petition signed by more than 40,000 people asking the city of Dallas to revoke the funds it put towards hosting the convention.

While other events across the county have had specific areas set aside for protesters, there will not be one this weekend.

The Dallas Police Department says  they will not infringe upon protestors’ first amendment rights. As long as no one breaks the law.

“I ask that everybody refrain from tactics that cater to hate,” Alexander said. “We come out here in peace, letting our voices be heard loud and clear.”

Oh, and one more thing people are talking about. There won’t actually be any guns allowed in the convention during the president’s speech.

Some people are calling it hypocritical, given it’s a gun show. But, that rule was actually made by the Secret Service, not by the NRA.