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Dallas, TX—Ah, the American Dream for many folks is the white picket fence, a 9 to 5 job, two kids and a dog.

“My fellow Americans, this is our country,” Governor Perry said during a speech.  “Let’s restore its dreams, let’s chart its new destiny…”

Despite governor Perry’s recent indictment, he still found time to speak at the Defending the American Dream Summit in Dallas.

“I think it’s just a ploy to try to defame his name,” supporters Vickie Reites and Lois Hamby said about Perry’s recent indictment.

Well folks outside the summit, say Perry is just dreaming.

“Lady Liberty, that’s the American Dream. The American Dream is in critical condition,” Brianna Brown with Texas Organizing Project said, as she pointed to a volunteer dressed up as Lady Liberty on an operating table surrounded by people in scrubs.

Folks in The Texas Organizing Project and the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans were heated—saying those in office aren’t helping the working man.

“We’re here to bring attention to the fact that 1.5 million Texans have no access to healthcare…led by Rick Perry who’s in that building now,” Brown added.

“It’s a nightmare for retirees who have reached the donut hole and have to pay $3,500-4,000 a year for medicines,” Judy Bryant with the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans.

They’re saying the nightmare is real.

“We want all Americans to be able to go to sleep at night, and know that if they get sick, they have healthcare.”

“Part of the American Dream is access to affordable healthcare,” Marsha Jones with Texas Organizing Project said.

“My insulin was $320 that I had been paying $42 for,” Leah Witherspoon added.

“We’re asking that he accept the hundred billion dollars that was set aside to expand medicaid,” Brown said.

Folks on the other side of the fence…or street in this case…see things a little differently.

“One of the issues that I was in the breakout sessions was government spending, especially with the red tape, because it’s out of control,” attendee, Gregg Jones said.