DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’ve ever been in a hurry or just didn’t feel like going to a sit-down spot to eat then you’re simply looking for a quick bite to go.

Sure, you could go through a drive-thru but there are other options that are far more delicious than the same old burger and fries from the same old chain you’ve been going to for years. It’s a good thing we can help you find some of the best quick bites in the entire country.

A report from Trip Savvy’s 2022 Editor’s Choice found the best spots for a quick bite in America and when you think of Texas you probably think of barbecue, but don’t ever forget on how the Lone Star State can throw down on some tacos.

Cracking the rankings of the best quick bites in America is a Central Texas food truck by the name of Granny’s Tacos, and believe us, you won’t be disappointed.

“There are many food trucks in Austin, but none are as beloved as Granny’s Tacos. Run by a husband-and-wife team, the on-the-go establishment is only open until mid-afternoon at its spot in East Austin. They serve up all kinds of classic Mexican street foot—mostly the kind that comes in tortillas.

“Come hungry so you can sample a few menu items during your visit! But if you only have room for one thing, make it the breakfast chilaquiles taco, drizzled with grandma’s special mole. It’s absolutely worth waiting in line for this delectable breakfast bite,” the report said.