FALFURRIAS, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A young buck found himself quite stuck in ranch fencing near Falfurrias in rural south Texas.

His nose wasn’t red and he wasn’t playing any reindeer games — but somehow his developing antlers became ensnared in a deer-head-sized hole in a metal fence.

Fortunately, an U.S. Border Patrol agent happened along in the nick of time and freed the white-tailed deer, which scampered off in to the brush without hesitation or gratitude.

The moment was captured by video and shared on social media this week, gaining retweets from Border Patrol officials that included Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez, of Brownsville, who is assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The sector covers the Rio Grande Valley and parts of south Texas that include Falfurrias and a swath of territory extending along the Texas coast toward Louisiana.

“Our #BorderPatrol Agents without hesitation will always respond!” Chavez wrote in the tweet featuring the video. “Even if it is Rudolph in need! Great Job #Falfurrias Station Agents who on patrol freed one of Santa’s helpers this morning near Falfurrias, Texas.”

On Twitter user replied the deer “took off like he stole something.”

Another user replied: “He did. My heart.”