Officer Buys Child Safety Seat for Family in Need

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LEWISVILLE–When you see those lights flashing in your rearview mirror, it’s not usually good news.

So when Nicole Dean got stopped on Saturday, she probably thought she was getting an expensive ticket–one she really couldn’t afford.

Things seemed even worse for the Lewisville mother when the cop took a look at the safety seat her son was riding in.

“We already knew the car seat wasn’t–I got it off a Facebook garage sale site,” Dean said.

First there was a lesson in using the seat.

“We pulled the kid out and we tried getting the car seat a little tighter,” Officer Jeremy Reyna said. “We just couldn’t do it.”

It was pretty run down, but it was all the family could afford.

Soon, the cop made a trip to a nearby Walmart to get a brand-spankin’-new car seat.

“At first, I was a little embarrassed. It seems kinda like poor parenting,” Dean said. “But I was just grateful.”

Yep. He picked out a new car seat and paid for it himself!

“I got a 16-month-old daughter at home,” Officer Reyna said. “I looked at him (Dean’s son) and I couldn’t justify putting my daughter in that car seat. How could I let them drive off with that with no other help?”

So in one step, an officer saved a lot of money for a mom and dad, with a potentially lifesaving gift for a child.

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