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DALLAS (KDAF) — The dentist is an important part of keeping up with your hygiene but we understand that like the doctor’s office, not everyone is super keen on going to the dentist.

With not liking the dentist means excuses (small and big) can come up and sometimes out of thin air and you may be postponing your dentist appointment. This means, like many others across the country, you’re procrastinating your trip to the dentist.

Byte has looked at the top reasons people skip the dentist, which in turn means looking at cities with the biggest dental procrastinators in the U.S. Guess what North Texas, you’re up there… a couple of times.

Here’s where not only North Texas cities were ranked in the top 50 on the list but others across the Lone Star State as well:

  • Arlington (4)
  • Fort Worth (8)
  • Dallas (24)
  • Houston (27)
  • El Paso (35)
  • Austin (39)
  • San Antonio (42)

Byte said, “Using Google search trends, we looked at which cities are searching the most about things like dental anxiety and cost. We found the biggest group of dental procrastinators are living in Las Vegas. It looks like people would rather try their luck at the slots than in a dental chair. Other cities putting off going to the dentist include Miami, Atlanta, Arlington, and Minneapolis.”

Not only is Arlington among the biggest dental procrastinators in the country but they’re ranked the No. 6 city that is afraid of the dentist. Be sure to check out all of the reasons why people skip the dentist and more findings from Byte’s study.