DALLAS (KDAF) — Gather around the table kids, let’s get our gaming on. Now, gaming with the family will always be a good time, that is until grandad decides to take it a little too seriously and little Suzie is trash-talking her uncle after being the first one out again.

Playing board games is fun, there are some that aren’t as intense as others where you can calmly and casually play and no one is cussing under their breath or accusing dad of cheating. But Texas seems to love the chaos.

Solitaire Bliss did a study to find the most popular board game in each state, “For the purpose of this study, we only looked at traditional “board games,” card games (such as Hearts) were not included in our analysis. Games such as Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity were also not part of this analysis.”

The great state of Texas alongside California, New York, and Florida each had Monopoly as their favorite board game and Solitaire Bliss had some fun with this one. “All of these states have some of the largest populations (and most competitive real estate markets) in the country… so it makes sense that Monopoly is their favorite because it’s the only time they can afford to buy a house.”

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