DALLAS (KDAF) — Sports fans are the heart of any sports team! Texas, of course, has put itself on the map for having one of the best cities for basketball fans.

A personal financial website, Wallet Hub, conducted a new study. San Antonio ranked at #9 in the country for best basketball fans.

The San Antonio Spurs can thank their fans for the recognition. “Basketball may be popular across the country, but what makes one city better than others for the sport? Top-performing teams, revenues, and traditions are all part of the equation, of course, but there’s simply no game without the fans,” WalletHub said.

Source: WalletHub

San Antonio Spurs fans have a unique “Go Spurs Go!” chant. This chant has come to symbolize the team’s home games and serves as a unifying rallying cry for supporters from all ages and backgrounds.

San Antonio’s reputation as a premier city for basketball lovers is further enhanced by the city’s lengthy basketball heritage. Since 1999, the Spurs have continuously been among the NBA’s top-performing teams, winning five championships.

 San Antonio as one of the top cities for basketball fans has cemented its mark as being one of the reasons for the team’s continued success.