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AUSTIN – With Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and now D.C. going up in smoke, Texas State Representative David Simpson is busy in Austin trying to make Texas next.

“Constituents asked me to repeal the bill to provide for legal access to medicinal use of it, and I think the best way to do that is simply to repeal all the marijuana offenses and Texas statutes,” Simpson said on the phone with NewsFix.

If this bill passes, weed would be regulated like veggies from a grocery store.

“I’m proposing that we just use the plant like tomatoes, jalapenos, chili peppers, coffee,” Simpson explained. “Some of those are benign. Some of them, if you eat too much, you’re gonna have problems. Even coffee is addictive and people have OD`d from caffeine. We don’t need a criminal law for these things. We need to train our children to use those things responsibly.”

Simpson also believes a higher power may disagree with the prohibition of pot.

“Everything God made is good. It says in verse Timothy 4:4. To me it shows we aren’t being good stewards when we ban something that God made that is good. He didn’t make a mistake when he made marijuana.”

Well, it looks like Colorado residents may get a tax rebate thanks to the revenue pot is producing in the Rocky Mountain high state.

But to be blunt, it probably won’t happen in Texas anytime soon.