DALLAS (KDAF) – We’ve all done it, your coworker just let out a massive yawn at 10 a.m. and here you are following suit doing your own yawn, and while they’re contagious, you could also be just as tired as they are, especially if you’re living in the Lone Star State.

A report from Bet Texas found that Texans are among the sleepiest folks in the country, but how do they compare to the other states?

“For many in the Longhorn State, that list will likely include getting more hours of sleep, given Texas’ long work hours and excessively long commutes.  

Between the crawl and sprawl of the area’s largest metropolitan areas, such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, teemed with the rapid emigration of outsiders, it’s no wonder that Texas as a whole is one of the most sleep-deprived states in the country,” the report said.

Here’s a look at the top 5 sleepiest states in America for 2023:

  1. Georgia
  2. West Virginia
  3. Tennessee
  4. Louisiana
  5. Texas

So, why is Texas so sleepy?

Bet Texas said, “Between Texas’ landmass and its hard-charging population growth, it’s no wonder that the state lags behind its peers when it comes to commuting and work hours.  

“That’s because the Longhorn State is one of the fastest growing states in America, with its population booming from 20.94 million in 2000 to 29.53 million in 2021, representing a 41% increase. Of the 10 fastest growing cities in America in 2022, two came from Texas, in Austin and Dallas, with the Longhorn State being the only state with multiple metropolitan areas on the list.”