DALLAS (KDAF) — We all have a deep love for southern cuisine, it’s one of those foods that just brings people together whether it’s over the dinner table, over a sports game, or just arguing about which spot has the best fried chicken; southern food is about togetherness.

Tuesday, October 11 is Southern Food Heritage Day and the richness is in the history when it comes to this cuisine.

NationalToday explains, “Southern food can be further divided into categories: ‘Soul food’ is heavily influenced by African cooking traditions that are full of greens and vegetables, rice, and nuts such as peanuts. Okra and collard greens are also considered Soul Food, along with thick stews.

“‘Creole food’ has a French flair, while ‘Cajun cuisine’ reflects the culinary traditions of immigrants from Canada. ‘Lowcountry’ cuisine features a lot of seafood and rice, while the food of the Appalachians is mostly preserved meats and vegetables. Southern food is partial to corn, thanks to the Native American influence.”

Reports from Thrillist and Restaurant Clicks looked into the best soul food spots across the country and one thing was familiar on both, Texas seems to have it made with soul food spots.

On both rankings, Mikki’s Soulfood Cafe was listed as an absolute must-visit for soul food enthusiasts. “Mikki’s offers a daily specials menu with rotating dishes like smothered fried chicken, stuffed bell peppers, ham hocks and curry chicken. The everyday menu has a ton of classics like oxtail, turkey wings, smothered pork chops, and smothered baked chicken are served daily, but the fried chicken and catfish are only served on Fridays and Sundays,” Thrillist reports.

This restaurant has been around for over 20 years after being started back in the winter of 2000, and since its opening, Mikki’s has demanded the attention of diners in the southwest.

The restaurant says it’s kept its family values strong as Jeanette Williams incorporated her kids into the restaurant and they’ve helped carry on the tradition of the food their mother has brought to the world.

Other Texas spots that made either report’s rankings:

  • This Is It Soul Food – Houston
  • Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles – Dallas (as well as Phoenix & Las Vegas)