Midland Pastor accused of spying for Chinese Government


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24) – Protesters gathered outside of the house of Bob Fu on Monday as posts circulated social media putting a bounty on his life. These threats accuse Fu of spying for the Chinese Communist Party.

A protester only going by the name Sharon telling us that “his true identity is that he’s a Chinese Communist Party spy” and claiming they have evidence to support that.

Fu is a Chinese national who fled the country in 1997. He is the founder of the advocacy group China Aid, which promotes religious freedom in China. Midland Mayor Patrick Payton says that he’s confused about the claims.

“It’s something we can’t come to grips with of why someone in this organization is saying he’s a member of the communist party when quite frankly all he’s done has been wanted by the communist party. So we’re still trying to figure that out.”

According to a post on China Aid’s website, the “CCP operative urged his supporters to eliminate Bob Fu and other renowned Chinese dissidents”

Payton held a press conference in front of Midland City Hall on Monday afternoon, satirically asking for the CCP to release persecuted Chinese pastors and evangelists. He continued to praise Fu’s work, calling him a “freedom fighter” and praising his work.

“What he’s done to gather people for the freedom of those who have been persecuted, far beyond just brothers and sisters in Christ but he has advocated for Muslims, he has advocated for all religions, and he has advocated for secular artists who have been getting censored for their work in China as well.”

Fu has been moved from his Midland home to a secure, unknown location. Payton assured citizens that local, state and federal law enforcement is involved in tracking down the validity of these threats.

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