WACO, TX (FOX 44) – As Waco gets ready to celebrate Día de Los Muertos tomorrow evening, one Waco restaurant owner is giving a personal touch to what this day means to her.

Valentina Martinez has owned Lupita’s restaurant since 2015.

She commonly serves flautas, burritos, and breakfast at her restaurant and feels honored to serve everyone during Dia de Los Muertos.

“Very happy to be able to participate and take a little of what is our tradition and foods,” said Martinez.

Martinez says her favorite Día de Los Muertos moments were when she was a child in Mexico going to the cemetery with her grandparents to clean her great grandparents final resting place.

“It’s marvelous for me to live from the memories from the people who left this life physically but live in my heart,” said Martinez.

Lupita’s is self-named after her daughter who passed away in 2011.

Martinez says holidays like this hit close to home.

“To keep her always alive every single day of the year, especially these dates, I feel she’s closer to me,” said Martinez.

Valentina and her staff have created nearly 450 tamales for the community to enjoy.

Her son, Armando says 300 of them are with meat.

The rest are special for this time of year being made with coconut, pecan, and raisins.

“Mexico is not particularly hot or cold, except in the north part of Mexico, but most the street items for a special bread like day of the dead bread, pan de muerto, that’s only made in this season,” said Armando. “It’s kind of like pumpkin spice here in America, but down there, yeah, we have that in conchas, which is like a sweet roll bread.”

Other foods they’re bringing are sopes, tres leches, and churros.

The parade starts at four in the evening at the Jefferson and University Parks intersection going to Indian Springs Park.

Festivities will end at 11.