DALLAS (KDAF) — I don’t know about you, but we all love Taylor Swift in 2022! Even though there are some things to complain about the ticket disaster for her 2023 tour, Swift has fans across the world who love her dearly.

While her stardom is worldwide, one of the states loving Swift the most resides in the southern United States and Texas is no stranger to loving this icon. So, what is Texas’ favorite Taylor Swift album?

To figure that out, we checked out a report from US Betting on every state’s favorite album from superstar Taylor Swift.

“You can argue about it if you want, but Taylor Swift is the biggest music star in America and possibly the world — bigger than Beyoncé, bigger than Harry Styles, bigger than BTS. We could say the 32-year-old, who’s been a presence on country and pop radio for half her life, is having a moment. But that moment has lasted for over a decade,” the report said.

Like the majority of the US (22 states) Texas has deemed Folklore as its favorite album from Swift’s collection:

  • Folklore (22 states)
  • Lover (7 states)
  • 1989 (6 states)
  • Red (5 states)
  • Reputation (5 states)
  • Evermore (5 states)

The report said, “The winner was “Folklore,” the first of Swift’s two low-key pandemic albums, released in July 2020. After the perfect pop concoctions of “Me!” and “You Need to Calm Down” on Swift’s 2019 release, “Lover,” “Folklore” was a subdued, introspective work. Hit singles off the album included “Cardigan,” “The 1” and “Exile.” “Folklore,” perhaps due to its own recency bias, is the favorite Taylor Swift album in 22 states.”