DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s a conversation that happens weekly with people around the country, “Oh all of these people are leaving [insert state here], and moving to [insert state here].” Texas is no stranger to this convo.

Well, it also seems that Texas isn’t just seeing those flocking away from certain states to their’s but also international homebuyers are moving to the Lone Star State in droves.

A report from Texas Realtors shows that international homebuyers have purchased nearly 8,000 homes in the state from April 2021-March 2022. Texas came in third place nationally behind Florida and California for homes sold to those outside of the U.S.

The report found that Texas accounted for 8% of all homes purchased by international homebuyers out of nearly 99,000 sold throughout the country.

“Texas remains one of the most desirable destinations for people looking to purchase a home in the United States,” said Russell Berry, chairman of Texas Realtors. “The region of origin for homebuyers choosing Texas had a noticeable swing this reporting period. Historically, the largest number of homebuyers purchasing in Texas from outside of the United States are from the Latin America and Caribbean region. While that is still true, European homebuyers nearly closed the gap this past year.”

Some more findings from this report:

  • 31% of international homebuyers in Texas came from Latin America/Caribbean region
  • 27% of them originated in Europe
  • Texas was the top destination for homebuyers from Mexico

“On the commercial real estate side, Texas was second only to Florida for the most popular U.S. state for international buyers who work with Realtors, according to the 2022 Commercial Real Estate International Business Trends report from the National Association of Realtors,” the report said.