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AUSTIN–The live music capital of the world kicks off its biggest bash on everything music, film and fashion on Tuesday.

But amid all the Austin weirdness lies a somber reminder of this accident that left four dead and two dozen others injured last year.

Survivors like Trimble Tech High School cheerleader Tish Davis are trying to pick up the pieces. Davis’ broken bones have healed, but she’s dealing with the emotional scars of losing her boyfriend Dre Tatum in the accident.

Now her lawyer, William Curtis is sounding off over more than $250,000 raised by the South by Southwest Cares Fund for the victims. He says only a fraction of that money has been distributed.

“Dre’s parents received a little bit of money to help with Dre’s funeral and Curtisha Davis’ mother got a gift card to help pay some of her travel expenses coming and going to Austin to visit Curtisha when she was in the hospital,” said Curtis.

He says the quarter of a million needs to be given to the victims it was intended to help.

Curtis is also pursuing a separate legal action, accusing South by Southwest of not being prepared to prevent tragedies like this.

“For last year’s festival they considered using 400 water-filled barriers, instead they chose to use twenty. As a result a car got into the crowd and ran over a bunch of people for this year’s festival they’re using hundreds of water-filled barriers to prevent that from happening,” said Curtis.

A number of lawsuits are now pending in the Travis County Courts.

Back in Austin Tuesday night, the music will fade as festival-goers pay their respects with a moment of silence.