Credit: Upside Foods Inc.

DALLAS (KDAF) — Is Texas ready for the future of the “cultured” meat industry?

The USDA has officially given the green light to start producing and selling lab-grown meat. Cultured meat company, Upside Foods could soon be in stores across the Nation.

“Receiving a label approval from USDA means that we’ve demonstrated full compliance with all pre-market requirements for labeling. USDA reviewed our label, including the name of the product, ingredient statement, and handling instructions, and has concluded that our label is truthful and not misleading. Also, this means that all of our cultivated chicken that passes USDA inspections will proudly bear the USDA mark of inspection on our packaging!”

According to Upside Foods, the process is simple, as it’s made from chicken cells. Could you see yourself trying lab-grown meat when it hits Texas stores?