DALLAS (KDAF) — “The bees have been busy and there’s plenty of honey available now!” That’s an update from LocalHoneyFinder.org for the state of Texas.

September is National Honey Month and that means its time to get some of the sweetest gold on earth to help your food and drinks get the sweet treatment they deserve.

Here’s what NationalToday had to say about the national holiday, “Honey — it’s a sweet and delicious substance that adds great flavor to morning toast, creates decadent desserts, and even packs some serious nutritional benefits. This September, during National Honey Month, we are psyched to celebrate all the ways that honey enhances our lives. Find out exactly why we love this festive month, and learn key moments that have taken place during honey’s history.”

So, where in the world can you find the best local honey in the Lone Star State? Local Honey Finder has put together listings to find the best honey in all the major areas throughout Texas as well as a map to click specific cities.

For example, here are places around Dallas-Fort Worth to get the best local honey, according to this site:

  • Boyd’s Honey and Bees in Collin County
  • Mars Hill Farm in Dallas County
  • Hidden Honey Farm in Ellis County
  • Hummingbird Farm in Navarro County

All you have to do is click here to either find the best honey throughout major areas and even click on specific cities from the map the site provides.