DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone loves a good plate or platter of seafood and while Texas is known for its BBQ, Tex-Mex and meats, it’s still a great state for the fishy side of things.

Wednesday, December 21 is National French Fried Shrimp, and there’s truly nothing better than some delicious shrimp battered and fried with a splash of citrus alongside it.

“Seafood lovers across the nation rejoice on National French Fried Shrimp Day, December 21. The day is dedicated to, well, fried shrimp. This delicious dish is enjoyed by many, especially Americans. Shrimp is, not surprisingly, a seafood favorite among Americans as it is consumed more than any other seafood,” National Today said.

A report from Eat This, Not That! sought to find the best seafood restaurant in every state across the country, and every spot has some mouth-watering options.

When it comes to Texas, all you’ll have to do is travel down southeast to the great foodie city of Houston and walk into the Goode Company Seafood for some of the best seafood the state and country has to offer.

“Come for the old school, diner-style atmosphere and stay for the southern coastal seafood classics. Dive into the sautéed crab fingers or opt for the wood-fired swordfish entree for the full Goode Company experience. Of course, no visit to this Texas seafood staple would be complete without the heavenly chocolate cream pie for dessert,” the report said.