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PLANO — How would you describe a hot shower? Some say a basic need, others call it a luxury.

Lance Olinski, founder of Streetside Showers says everyone deserves a shower. “What we are trying to do is restore some dignity.”

He had an RV made with two bathrooms inside, and for a few months has been driving it around North Texas. He parks it at certain locations and homeless people stop by to take a shower. “It really becomes more than just a shower.”

Every person gets a fresh pair of underwear and a warm pair of socks.

Olinski says some people have no idea when their next shower will be, and getting clean is crucial to getting a job.

On Mondays the RV is parked at 505 Titus Street in McKinney at 5pm. On Tuesdays it’s located as 901 18th Street in Plano from 2pm-5pm. And on Sundays it’s at 107 Lamar Street in McKinney.

Gino Cobb stops at the Plano location often. “It’s kind of a hard place to be in is being homeless, and not having much.” He is looking for a  job and says he truly appreciates having somewhere he can consistently shower.  “It’s very important, that’s like the foundation of getting a job, like the first impression.”

Olinski provides food, soap, toothbrushes, and warm hugs for people who stop by, also. “Homelessness is not a personally trait,” he says. “Homelessness is a situation, so unfortunately people get into a situation where they are experiencing homelessness.”

He is working on getting another RV right now, to give people in Downtown Dallas the same experience.

It’s run off of donations, you can read more on the GoFundMe Page, or the donation link on their website.