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DALLAS (KDAF) — Casseroles, everyone that has done any sort of cooking even as low-level as grilled cheese, can and has probably made a form of this popular concoction at some point and time in their culinary lives.

While Saturday, December 3 is National Green Bean Casserole Day, which just so happens to be one of the most popular casseroles in the country, Texas has a different version in its top spot.

“Now, you may be thinking this is a holiday food, but let us also tell you that this dish was intended to be made as an everyday dish, especially for those days when you just cannot be bothered. So, what are you waiting for,” National Today said.

So, we checked out a report from E-Conolight on the most popular casserole in every state across the country, and Texas’ top pick may surprise you, and you just might have to find a new recipe to try.

“Now, we have nothing against green beans or casserole (ok, maybe we’re a little prejudiced against green beans). But we love casserole! That’s why we used a list of popular casseroles and Google Trends search interest to find out which casserole variety is the most popular in every state. That way, maybe, just maybe, this year our guests will bring varied and unique casseroles from all corners of the U.S,” the report said.

For the Lone Star State, it’s Creamed Spinach Casserole which else happens to be the top picked casserole of the south as a whole, “Southerners, with their love for all things creamed, vouched for creamed spinach casserole over all others,” the report touted.

This casserole was tied for first place with something that might be sweeping the nation after this story which is French Toast Casserole.