DALLAS (KDAF) — The end of July is always a little more magical when you realize that one of the most popular wizards in the world’s birthday is July 31! So, happy early birthday Harry Potter!

So, let’s say if Harry were to visit the United States, what states would he be keener on spending time in? According to a recent survey done by Dish Network the sorting hat from Harry Potter has made its choices on what each state’s Hogwart’s house is.

Dish said, “Whether you’re a Gryffindor gal, a Slytherin stan, a Hufflepuff homie, or a radical Ravenclaw, you are sure of one thing—your house is better than the others. And although the Sorting Hat is the one that ultimately chooses your house, we decided to do a little sorting ourselves. Using a combination of Google Trends and a survey of 1000 Wizarding World quiz-takers, USDISH wanted to know which state belonged to which “Harry Potter” house and where you believed you should reside.”

Texans, gear up for your villain arc as you’re with the majority of the U.S. among the House of Slytherin (27 states). Only three states were named to Gryffindor, five to Hufflepuff and the remaining 16 to Ravenclaw.

USDISH: Hogwarts Houses Survey—The Sorting Hat Made Its Choices

“Maybe people were more curious about the dark arts than light magic. Slytherin House was the most searched Hogwarts House in 27 states. Sixteen states were sorted into Ravenclaw House in second place, and five states ended up in Hufflepuff.”

Be sure to check out all of the survey’s findings and more fun information on what if states were Hogwart’s houses.