Texas Lawmakers to Vote on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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AUSTIN – Medical marijuana has got a lot of folks buzzed in the Lone Star State. Lawmakers will have their chance to vote on House Bill 3785 this session, which would give Texans a shot at using the drug for medicinal purposes.

Will this bill go up in smoke?

Well, maybe. We’re still in Texas, folks. But a recent poll showed nearly 60% of Texans support medical legalization.

So, does this mean pot shops will sprout like weeds in DFW like they did in Colorado?

“You saw a big explosion. I think there was like 350 medical marijuana stores at one point and just for comparison, I think there was like 200 Starbucks in the city,” said JeremyGrannies Smoking Weed Bamford, founder of Colorado Pot Guide.

Bamford’s site helps tourists plan their Colorado cannabis vacation. He says when medical marijuana was first approved in Colorado, it wasn’t regulated like it is now.

“The State Legislature moved pretty quick on defining different rules and regulations in regards to buffer zones between the dispensaries and schools,” Bamford explained.

If you’re worried about your neighborhood going to pot, you might not have anything to worry about.

Then again, the idea of Texas lawmakers actually passing the bill, just might be a pipe dream.

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