FORT WORTH (KDAF) — During the last week of April, the City of Fort Worth became the first-ever city government in the nation to mine for Bitcoin.

This new form of currency has many people scratching their heads and wondering how it all works. We’re here to help.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that aims to solve the problem of double-spending without a central authority like the government or banks.

The flow of currency is on a transparent (but anonymous) and trackable ledger without a central authority. The trust that gives the currency value is determined by everyone as opposed to a centralized figure.

But, what is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the way new Bitcoins are entered into circulation. Mining involves using computers to solve complex math problems. Once the solution is solved, the person who solves the problem receives a block of bitcoins.

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According to the City of Fort Worth, the city will evaluate this program of Bitcoin Mining after six months.

“Texas is increasingly being recognized as the global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain, and Fort Worth will have a seat at that table,” Fort Worth Director of Economic Development Robert Sturns, said in a statement on the city’s website. “The pioneering spirit is alive and well in Fort Worth, and with this program, we will attract dynamic companies that share in this vision for the future.”