DALLAS (KDAF) – The harder you work, the better your work-life will be, right? Well, not always, especially if that work turns into burnout and affects your life outside of the workplace.

Every profession is different and faces all sorts of different challenges, but one challenge is universal and that’s burnout. We checked out a report from Lensa on the states with the highest risk for burnout, and it looks like Texas tops the list.

The report said, “Texas can be crowned the most burned-out location for workers, taking the top spot with a score of 7.3. The Lone Star State ranks first thanks to it being in the top five for longest working hours, with employees averaging 40 hours per week. Texas also takes second place for its workforce using the search term “burnout”, making it the most stressed state in our index.”

Here’s a look at the states with the highest burnout risk:

  1. Texas
  2. Florida/Louisiana
  3. Tennessee
  4. South Carolina
  5. West Virginia

In order to come to this conclusion Lensa checked out working hours, salaries, commute times and google searches for “burnout”.