DALLAS (KDAF) — Since the pandemic, it has been ever changing when it comes to unemployment across the country.

Since 2019, there has been a steady increase in people returning to the workforce.

Texas is known for big opportunities and our job market is no different. The state ranked #45 in unemployment rate changes, as measured by WalletHub. The unemployment rate in Texas in March 2023 was at 4.0%. This is a 22.2 % change since the beginning of the pandemic in 2019.

Texas also came in at #50 for the smallest decrease monthly, as reported by WalletHub. This means that we are doing very well in job opportunities for Texans!

Experts believe that jobs in healthcare, education, personal care, and trade are the most resilient industries during the current crisis. ” Some of these are very demanding and inflexible and have not always been the most highly compensated, but they have consistently weathered economic downturns because they do the work that must go on,” WalletHub Expert Alan Benson said.

Check out the unemployment rates for other states below:

Source: WalletHub