Everybody Fails! Fed Up Texas Professor Flunks Entire Class

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GALVESTON - We've all been in class with the class clown, but what happens when the professor isn't laughing? Well, one professor at Texas A&M in Galveston had just about enough with his students behaving badly, so he gave everyone in the class a big fat “F.”

Irwin Horwitz says he finally reached his "breaking point," and decided to send out a flunking notice to his strategic management class.

“Enough was enough,” Horwitz said. He claims the students were spreading rumors about him online, cheating and swearing at him in class.

Hey, he even says his students told him to chill out.

"It became apparent that they couldn't do some of the simple and basic things that they should of been able to do at that point," Horwitz explained.

But, now it looks like one bad apple is spoiling the whole bunch. Even the good kids didn't make the grade.

"I thought I had done pretty well, done pretty well on the first test and then I get an email saying I am going to get an F in the class,” John Shaw, a senior at Texas A&M Galveston said.

Hey get this, after the e-mail, Horwitz decided to call it quits and is no longer teaching the course. Talk about dropping out.

The good news, the University won't uphold this professor's unfair fail. Call it a fail flop.

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