Egrets taking over a neighborhood in The Colony

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THE COLONY -- "The smell is really bad because of the birds."

A handful of residents in The Colony just can't take it anymore and it's all because hundreds of egrets have taken over their neighborhood.

"Oh my God you see the trees, I thought one night people were out sitting talking outside my window and it was the birds, woke me out of me sleep I thought somebody was talking, I was like oh my God and it was those birds they sound like penguins and they beat each other up at night its crazy!" Penny Martinez, resident of The Colony said.

And get this, egrets are protected by federal law once they start nesting, which means those being effected in The Colony are out of luck until the birds move on themselves.

"The animal control came out I thought they were here for the birds and he said they are not here for the birds they just come to see what was going on"

At their town hall meeting, the city had a wildlife expert give a presentation on what can be done with the birds. But the residents still feel trapped.

"I don't come out here much, I just keep in the kids in the back but its gross because when there's cars parked out here for any length of time the smell is really bad because of the birds"

One colony being overpowered with smell by another colony, an oddly fitting way to put it and certainly a situation that we'll be sure to keep well our noses on.

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