Drivers and Cops Fail Big Time Trying to Maneuver Through Flooding in Dallas

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Dallas - So folks in Dallas maneuvering under loop 12 on Singleton Drive could only wish their vehicles could turn into boats.  People couldn't help but come see the flooding and watch drivers with big bad pick ups try to make it across.

"One guy was in his truck. He took a chance to try to go across the water," Andre Rayford, who came to see the madness, said.

"But they told him not to go and of course he got stuck. He`s already walked out of it," Norma Jones, co-owner of Jones Diesel Service off of Singleton, said.

"Think about doing it myself. It looked kinda fun, but I don`t want to be that guy," Kory Dunlap, another curious spectator, said.

The owner of the truck wasn't the only guy to drown his vehicle.  One Dallas cop has that honor too, but he had back up.  Yea the city of Dallas came to his rescue and pulled his cruiser out.  The truck and other cars were left behind.

Steven Jones/Owner - Jones Diesel Service: "There`s a lot of little tributaries and drain offs into the Trinity right around in this area," Steven Jones, the other co-owner of Jones Diesel Service, said.

Steven Jones has owned his business since 1979 and hopes it isn't next.

"Back in 1993, we had about the same kind of situation and the water was about chest deep here all the way to my shop. Had about four inches inside the shop," Steven Jones explains.

Jones' wife Norma is praying it doesn't happen again.

"Heaven help us all if it comes again tonight. It`s just gonna get worse," Norma Jones, sad.

Sorry, more rain in the forecast and TX-Dot has announced it's closing Singleton Drive for at least a week.

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