DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to potatoes, one of the greatest ways to prepare and eat them is the form of mashed potatoes. The texture alone is unmatched if/when prepared correctly they can be the silkiest, smoothest, and creamiest of all side dishes known to mankind.

The beauty is potatoes can be enjoyed in any way you like, but what way is best?

We checked out a report from Verdesian on The Great Potato Debate of America, as they looked to find what are Americans’ potato preferences. “Boil them, mash them, fry them, stick them in a stew – there are many ways to enjoy potatoes.

“This popular starch has become a staple in kitchens across the U.S., but what is the best way to enjoy this delicious vegetable? The team at Verdesian set out to discover America’s preferred method of preparing and enjoying their spuds,” the report said.

When it comes to Texas and a majority of the country, potato chips reigned supreme with 20 states choosing them as their top form of potatoes. Next up was mashed potatoes in second place with 13 states, while some other states chose baked potatoes, potato soup, potato wedges, potato casserole, potato skins and tater tots (last place).