DALLAS (KDAF) — We flyin’ the first class up in the sky and we are feeling glamorous in the new year as 2023 brings so much opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle to that of glamor.

If you’re looking to get glamorous in 2023, finding out what cities hold the most glamor in the country could be a good move for you. So, in order to help you out we checked out a report from Lawnstarter on 2023’s most glamorous cities in the US.

“Unlike Houston, Dallas, and Austin — Texas’ most well-heeled cities — Laredo, Brownsville, and Waco make up three of our 10 least glamorous cities, the most from any state. None of the other seven bottom cities are from the same state,” the report said.

These Texas cities were ranked some of the most glamorous in the country:

  • Houston – 7
  • Dallas – 9
  • Austin – 16
  • San Antonio – 34
  • Fort Worth – 64
  • Frisco – 80
  • Plano – 95