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FORT WORTH — Maybe Norway’s right to use the word “Texas” as slang for “crazy.” Just take Fort Worth lawyer Bryan Wilson, for example. Or as he’s more famously known — Bryan Wilson: Texas Law Hawk.

Yeah, Wilson’s been making a name for himself with a series of over-the-top TV commercials. And the latest one has gone viral.

“I always looked up to Brian Loncar and Jim Adler, and I loved their commercials,” Wilson said. “I thought if I needed an attorney, who would I wanna hire? And I would choose someone who had a funny video.”

Of course, that’s not to say he’s not also a serious criminal defense attorney. He told NewsFix, “I work hard for every single one of my clients. If you sign up with me, I’m gonna work hard for you.”

But you might need to get in line.

“My phone’s been ringing off the hook,” Wilson said. “It violently filled my voice mailbox.”

So, what’s next for the Texas Law Hawk?  Well, he didn’t want to give away too much, but he did say there’s more to come.

“I want to keep making people laugh for as long as I can.”