Corny Concept: Meatless Corny Dog at State Fair… Say What?!

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corny dogsFAIR PARK – The State Fair of Texas usually means three things: fun times, fried food, and more fried food. The hands-down favorite? The infamous Fletcher’s Corny Dog. But this year they’re giving fair-goers another option. A meatless option.

Wait, what? You read that right — veggie corny dogs!

This healthier option is a Fletcher’s first and they say folks have been longing for such a dog for years now. But do you think this new rendition of the old dog is cool, or… well … corny?

“Ain’t no meat and I’m a meat person, so I know I won’t be eating that,” Angelia Pleasant said.

“I like meat, but I have a lot of vegetarian friends that might be into that,” Matt Swanson told us.

“It might be something that’s good for me, ya know, so I’m gonna give it a try this year,” Robin Robinson said.

Now if you’re wondering, the veggie dogs will be the same price as the corny dog –10 coupons!

However you dip it — whether you’re for it or against it – the veggie corny dog is something you’re just going to have to try and digest.

Doggone it!

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