‘Clock Boy’ Comes Back to DFW

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IRVING–Guess who’s back in DFW? It’s the infamous ‘Clock Boy,’ aka Ahmed Mohamed.

Just in case you don’t remember, last September, Mohamed was sent to juvie because his teachers thought his homemade clock sorta-kinda-maybe looked like a bomb.

Mohamed was detained by police then suspended for three days. And even though he wasn’t charged, he left the Irving Independent School District.

But that hasn’t stopped the young techie one bit! He’s kept pretty busy.  He was featured in TIME magazine, toured Google, and even met President Obama!

Currently, Ahmed is finishing up the school year in Qatar. “It was a new feeling for me, I never went to school oversees, in Qatar,” says Ahmed.

The 14-year-old has been around. And Monday, he made his way back to North Texas.

According to Ahmed’s uncle, the kid misses his family and misses Irving. He’s got some events with tech companies lined up, too!

Sounds like life isn’t so bad for Ahmed.

Next year he’ll be 15 and he’s reportedly going to sue the Irving school district and the city–all over a clock and 15 minutes of fame!



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