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RICHARDSON -- In Texas, tacos pretty much come a dime a dozen. So if you want to bring in the business, you have to have a wow factor – or should we say an OMG factor. And that's what two best friends are bringing to Richardson with OMG Tacos.

"Where did we first meet? At a pool party. We made eye contact and I was like dang, we gone be friends yo,” co-owner Anthony Luong told Newsfix.

Ten years of friendship later, the light bulb went off.

"I guess he eats in this plaza a lot, and then one day he was like 'hey, do you wanna open up a restaurant?' I was like sure, what kind? He was like tacos! I was like that' different but okay, yeah let's do it,” co-owner Calvin Nguyen said.

And just ten months after opening, business couldn't be better. You can blame that on a friendly atmosphere, and tacos that are friendly to your taste buds. From beef to chicken.

Chew on This: Calvin and Anthony are bringing their Asian flare to street tacos with the OMG taco – steak and scallion, marinated in a sweet and savory and secret OMG sauce topped with a tomato!

The craziest thing about OMG Tacos – besides the fact that they stay open until 3 a.m. every day – is that the name OMG almost didn't make the cut.

"We actually had a different name in the beginning and then we changed it like halfway into the build,” Calvin Luong told Newsfix.

"It was Noche Tacos which is like late night tacos,” Anthony Luong said. "We just changed the name to OMG so when you think of tacos you're like O-M-G, tacos."

And now, 17K Instagram followers later, I bet they're glad they made that decision because OMG is definitely something to taco-bout!

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