Change of Plans: Border Kids Not Coming to Dallas

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DALLAS — So, it looks like the Dallas County welcome mat for thousands of undocumented border kids will be rolled back.

You heard right, the kids aren’t coming.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced Thursday the 2,000 child refugees from Central America will not make Dallas their new home. The three designated facilities on the short list will stay empty.

Apparently, the surge of minors crossing the border is now manageable from 300 a day to just 150 and the Feds don’t need Dallas County to step up.

Guess all those angry folks who packed public hearings to speak out can simmer down now.

But not everyone was hot and bothered. Jenkins said he is amazed by all the support. “Overwhelmed by the kindness .. and display of humanity towards these kids.”

For now, faith-based leaders and volunteers say they still plan on helping kids who are fleeing their homes.

Guess we’ll find out if the bordering crisis is really bordering on… done.

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