DALLAS (KDAF) – It’s always nice to see winning going on in the world of sports, but winning in the world of the lottery hits differently, especially for those who could use the money the most.

The Texas Lottery reports a resident of Central Texas is $1 million richer after claiming a Powerball prize from a January 2023 drawing, “A Del Valle resident claimed a Powerball® prize worth $1 million for the drawing on Jan. 16.”

This ticket was sold at Muchos 3 on Lamar Boulevard in the city of Austin and the big winner has decided to remain anonymous. It was a Quick Pick ticket that was able to match all five of the white ball numbers drawn but not the red Powerball to secure the second-tier prize.

The lottery says, “Powerball Grand Prizes currently start at $20 million and roll until the jackpot is won. Players win the Grand Prize by matching five numbers from a field of 69 numbers and one Powerball number from a field of 26 numbers.”