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DALLAS (KDAF) — As a responsible adult, one of the best food and drink combinations you can have is pizza and a good beer.

There’s just something about the combination of the two items that just feels right. Lucky for us, North Texas has both great pizza and great beer, and most of the time you can get both at the same place.

So, why are we talking about pizza and beer? First off, rude of you to ask. Secondly, Sunday, Oct. 9, is International Pizza and Beer Day.

“If you’re familiar with some of the world’s best food pairings then, chances are, you’ve had a glass of beer with a slice of pizza. It’s no surprise that one of the world’s best combinations originates from the same class of food, cereal grains,” as stated on

If you want to celebrate the day, then here are some of my favorite places to grab a beer and some great pizza!

Zoli’s NY Pizza

This one is for the Star Wars fans. Decked out in cool Star Wars-themed paintings, this place is super cool and has a great atmosphere. The pizza is top-notch. My personal favorite is the Lady Marmalade, which comes with mozzarella ricotta, soppressata marmalade, garlic and olive oil.

The location I went to, which was in Addison, also had a bar with tons of options to choose from.

Vector Brewing

Vector Brewing also has a cool atmosphere, with tons of outdoor and indoor seating, this spot is the perfect place to spend a weekend night. This place is home to some great beer (I tried the Bullpen Classic American Lager the last time I went) and good pizza.

Cane Rosso

Of course, no pizza list is complete without mentioning Cane Rosso. They have tons of locations around North Texas; however, if you want to have some pizza and beer and then walk off the calories, I recommend going to the one at The Star in Frisco.

You can’t beat the pizza here and they have plenty of domestic beers to choose from.

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company/Texas Truck Yard

Now this one is for the person who has a little bit more time in the night and wants to adventure.

I recommend for this one going to Lower Greenville early, get a good parking spot and then head to Greenville Avenue Pizza Company. They have amazing pizza and if you go early enough, you can find a good table to eat outside. Once you are done head to Texas Truck Yard and get yourself a beer.

Of course, these are all the opinions of one person and just some of the great spots around town. If you have your own suggestions, send them to us on social media.