Bike OVERshare? With 5 companies in Dallas already, one man has hit social media gold

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DALLAS -- What started as a brightly colored battle for bike share supremacy in Dallas has turned into a two-wheeled terror!

It's like The Sixth Sense! We're seeing them all the time and everywhere. They aren't dead, though!

But seriously, y'all. It's so crazy there's an Instagram account, Dallas Bike Mess, devoted solely to left behind LimeBikes and the like.

Who's behind this picture peddling account? A man named Josh Miller.

"It took on a life of its own," Miller told NewsFix Monday. "It started out just as something fun and sort of funny to do."

He had the idea to start the account when he and his wife were starting to notice the rental bikes everywhere in Dallas. A month in, and it has more than 6,000 followers.

Miller's seen a little bit of everything in the mostly follower-provided photos.

The most memorable? A LimeBike in a dumpster. (The person removed it after taking the picture, by the way.)

And also a VBike floating down Turtle Creek.

Seeing these pictures is one of his favorite things, but he's actually got a pretty positive position on bike sharing.

"I'm not anti-bike share. I think it's a great thing," he said. "I've used LimeBikes. I've used VBikes. I've ridden on them. It's a great idea in concept, but I think the number of bikes that showed up so quickly, people just don`t really know what to do with it."

Well, hope they're prepared for a few more because in recent days the city screaming 'No mo!' got a limited release from a company named Mobike.

We don't know how they'll fit them all in the Big D, and City Council plans to address that in the new year, but we know one thing.

Dallas Bike Mess will be watching.

"Keep sending your bike pictures to Dallas Bike Mess," Miller said. "It's probably relatively short-lived, but for now I'm just having a good time doing it."

Share bikes. Share pictures. Either way, sharing is caring.

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