DALLAS (KDAF) — When you think of nachos, it’s all about the components and dressing your plate of crispy chips just the way you like them, a certain restaurant around San Antonio is doing this so right, it’s landed itself as the best nacho spot in the entire state of Texas.

A report from Eat This, Not That! dived headfirst into the world of nachos across the country to find what each state had to offer in this very specific plate of food. “Thanks to the versatility of nacho-making, restaurants can make excellent use of their local specialties to create unique, unforgettable nacho dishes (for example, the best nachos in Hawaii are served up at a sushi restaurant and made with spicy tuna on fried wontons),” the report said.

While nachos can be looked down upon as just a simple appetizer, there’s no way you’re passing up on a couple of bites if someone offers to buy one or even two for the table. Some diners even choose a plate of nachos as their entrees and rightfully so, it’s filling and always delicious.

So, when it comes to nachos in the state of Texas, you’ll have to travel down south to Castroville and head into Cora’s 471 and get their ‘Super Nachos’. “Cora’s 471 Grill boasts that it serves “the best damn nachos in Texas.” Everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients each day. Go all out and get The Super Nachos, which are made with ground spiced beef, cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions,” the report said.