DALLAS (KDAF) — Whether you prefer pizza or calzones there’s never a bad time to hop over to your favorite pizza joint and get yourself a couple of slices, a whole pie, or even a giant folded calzone.

Did you know that November 1 is not only the unofficial start of the Christmas season but it’s also National Calzone Day? “According to Guinness, the largest calzone ever made weighed 212 pounds. It was baked in 2014 by Rulli’s Italian Restaurant in Middlebury, Indiana,” NationalToday said.

So, where can you find the best pizza coupled with the best calzone in the state of Texas and every other state in the country? We checked out Let’s Roam’s report of the best pizza in every state and the Texas eatery is serving up some delicious slices, pies, and, of course, calzones.

The report said, “Italy is famous around the world for its pizza and the Italian immigrants who made their way to the United States did not want anyone to forget it! Thanks to tradition-loving immigrants and the generations that followed, we now have thousands of pizzerias and Italian restaurants located all across the country serving everything from basic Margherita pizza to pizzas piled high with every type of meat and veggie under the sun.”

You’ll have to travel down to Austin and head over to one of the three Home Slice Pizza locations for some delicious and foldable New York-style pizza. “Baked on two-inch bricks in a retro deck over, this hand-tossed, homemade pizza features high-quality ingredients. During your visit, try the ricotta and spinach pizza or the eggplant pie which is basically eggplant parm on a pizza.

“There’s also a long wine list and, if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can even get a rice crispy treat for dessert. Home Slice Pizza opened in 2005 and has risen from being a passion project amongst a group of friends to becoming a bonafide Austin landmark,” the report said.