DALLAS (KDAF) — When you think of the state of Texas, you think of great sports, things to do, nightlife, and food. When thinking of food we know your mind wonders to barbecue, tacos, meat and more of the ole thing, but when it comes to sweets, this Central Texas eatery is doing something right.

When it comes to cupcakes, according to a report from Twist Travel Magazine, Hey Cupcake down in Austin makes some of the best of this tasty treat statewide and across the country.

The report said, “Cupcakes. It’s not easy to find the best cupcakes in America, but it is a traveler’s responsibility to taste them all and tell their friends where to go when they head out on their next trip. These cream-topped confections need to be moist, flavorful, but not too rich. Naturally they need to be beautiful too.”

We, of course, love talking about sweets but Thursday, November 10 is a special day as the country celebrates National Vanilla Cupcake Day!

“While there’s no longer a “cupcakery” on every corner, the logic remains. Need an afternoon pick-me-up or a just-because-it’s-Friday treat? Cupcakes to the rescue,” NationalToday said.