DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to the mornings or even the afternoon for some, there’s a constant that remains intact for most of America: the day hasn’t started until you’ve had your coffee.

It’s time to celebrate coffee and not just any coffee, it’s time for the good stuff as Wednesday, January 18 is National Gourmet Coffee Day! “National Gourmet Coffee Day is celebrated on January 18 every year.

“While all kinds of coffee are what dreams are made of, gourmet coffee is something exceptional. The quality and consistency of gourmet coffee are distinct from your regular cup of Joe and the secret lies in its beans and creation,” National Today said.

So, what’s the best spot in the Lone Star State for some great coffee? Well, we checked out a report from the experts as Food Network released a list of the best coffee shops in the nation.

For Texas’ pick, you’ll have to head over to Austin and grab some coffee over at Cuvee!

The report said, “Nitro cold brew is all the rage, but few people know that the trend began in Austin. Cuvée has been instrumental in jump-starting the city’s specialty coffee culture, from supplying countless shops with wholesale beans to cracking the nitro cold brew market with its canned Black and Blue.

“After nearly a decade in the business, the owners finally opened a shop on East 6th Street that features several of their yearly roasts, as well as a featured coffee like their Hartebeest from southern Ethiopia. A solid list of local beers on tap rounds out the offerings, but one thing you won’t find at this shop is Wi-Fi: It’s been disabled to help bolster conversation and a sense of community that’s seldom seen in other shops around town.”