DALLAS (KDAF) — You can never be too ready when it comes to a zombie apocalypse unless you’re ready to dress up as a zombie and get a job at the local haunted house!

An insurance comparison website, Insuranks, listed Texas as one of the states least prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

The website analyzed more than 1,000 Google search terms to determine the ranking. They also surveyed more than 1,000 Americans about zombies and what they’d do in a zombie apocalypse.

Americans think California will be the first to get hit by an outbreak, and it’s ranked dead last as the least prepared state, according to their study. Texas was ranked as the 49th state who would be least prepared for the monsters. Americans also believe an outbreak may begin in Florida, New York, Texas, and Georgia.

If you are one of those people not prepared, Insuranks suggests collecting weapons as a good start, such as shotguns, handguns, baseball bats, machetes, crossbows, swords, axes, knives, grenades, and katanas.