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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Governor Abbott hosted another press conference on Tuesday regarding COVID-19. Tuesday’s discussion focused on the spike in the number of cases and on ample supplies of hospital beds for Texans. 

“Even though there are more people hospitalized, we still remain at the lowest threat level in our hospital capacity,” said Abbott.

Meanwhile here in the Basin, Abbott’s claims ring tru. Trevor Tankersley, with Medical Center Hospital, says only 14 beds out of the 50 allotted for COVID-19 patients are occupied. In fact, current numbers are relatively high due to cases arising from holiday weekends.

“We went a few weeks without having any patients in house, and then once we got to that ten to fifteen day period after Memorial Day, we saw that spike. We’ve been anywhere between ten to fifteen patients, COVID patients, in-house for about the last week, week and a half,” explained Tankersley.

Considering a recent spike in the number of positive cases, he says ten to 15 patients in-house are pretty consistent numbers throughout the pandemic.

“I mention we have 50 COVID beds ready, but we have the ability to expand that to even more if necessary,” said Tankersley, “We don’t expect to, but like I said, even with all this spike in cases, we have 16 of the 50 COVID beds filled, but we do have that surge plan just in case.”

He says health officials understood the risks of reopening the state, but as the state continues to do so, their best advice is to wear a mask.

“It was to be expected, but now that we’re all in it, we’re all just kind of alarmed at the numbers we’re seeing as the state opens back up.”

Tankersley says he and the hospital’s CEO are in constant communication with the state and Governor Abbott about the needs of our community.