DALLAS (KDAF) — There’s a hotel located in downtown Dallas that has become a surprising place to spot paranormal activity. Yet, when you understand the 100 years of history, it’s a no-brainer why many people believe this place is a haven for restless spirits.

The hotel originally opened in 1925 as the Scott Hotel, later taking on two other names, Bradford and Hotel Lawrence, before being purchased by La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham. It unfortunately has been a hotspot over the years for several murders and deaths.

The La Quinta that stands now, gratefully has had the same experience, however, reports say that ghosts of the past haunt this hotel. A gangster named Jack “Smiley” Jackson is one of the hotel’s most famous ghosts. Jackson was a gangster that was killed in the now infamous Room 109.

It’s said, that “Smiley” haunts the room on the tenth floor and if you stay there he reportedly shuts the door on his visitors. This specific room’s energy was never the same since Jackson’s death. Shortly after his death, a man later had his throat cut in the same room. Years later, people have reported cold spots, shadows, sounds of crying, hearing footsteps and more.

There are other gruesome reports, such as a congressman who had committed suicide and a woman who was pushed from the tenth floor, according to Haunted Rooms America.

Since its renovations after being purchased by La Quinta from the Holiday Inn Express, the new owners rest assured travelers that after tearing down the walls they feel the ghosts may be gone.

“We are very aware of these theories from the past but we feel pretty confident that when we tore down the walls and replaced nearly the entire interior that we chased them out!,” Property representative, Neal P. of Arlington, Texas, United States told a visitor via Trip Advisor when the question of the hauntings was brought up.

I guess the 10th floor isn’t for everyone. Would you stay here?