DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to eating lunch or any meal for that matter, you could make a sandwich at home, or heat up a frozen section meal, but there’s nothing quite like heading out to eat some top-notch restaurant-quality food.

If you didn’t have a reason to already, grab your parents and take them out to lunch (or dinner if that works better) as Wednesday, October 12 is National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day!

But what restaurant should you take them out to? Maybe you’re looking to make a road trip out of it, and maybe that trip could just reside in the state of Texas. A report from The Manuel ranked the top 25 best restaurants to eat at in America in 2022.

The report spans the U.S. but four spots were marked in the Lone Star State. “The domestic dining scene is a fertile and expansive banquet, full of treasures. From classic diners and seafood joints to avant-garde establishments and fusion restaurants, the options are many and the quality tends to reflect countless ingredients we’re able to grow, raise, harvest, and forage for,” the report said.

  • Vera’s Backyard BBQ – Brownsville
  • Lucille’s – Houston
  • Carnitas Lonja – San Antonio
  • Odd Duck – Austin