DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s all about the chance at winning some life-changing money when it comes to playing the lottery; whether it’s national games or statewide games, millions of dollars can be on the line.

The Texas Lottery reports Lotto Texas’ jackpot has grown to $42.5 million for Wednesday’s drawing which is not only the largest jackpot this game has seen in two years but it’s the third-largest jackpot prize in North America.

It only stands behind Mega Millions and Powerball’s jackpots in NA; Wednesday’s Lotto Texas jackpot has a cash value of $25.5 million.

“The largest Lotto Texas jackpot in more than two years is among the largest lottery jackpot prizes up for grabs in the world, and Texas Lottery players are thrilled knowing that only they have an exclusive chance to win this prize,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “Sales for the game have been steadily strong over the past several weeks, which will ultimately benefit public education in the state of Texas. As excitement continues to build for this Lotto Texas jackpot, we want to remind our players to play responsibly. It only takes one ticket to win.”