DALLAS (KDAF) — North Texas is home to many of the best things in Texas, the Dallas Mavericks, Cowboys, Stars, Wings, FC Dallas, and that’s just the sports teams. Food is one of the categories North Texas takes deep pride in and there’s no shortage of great bakeries in the region.

A report from Best Things Texas says three bakeries in North Texas are among the best in the entire state! “This is going to be a hard one for us. Narrowing down a list of the 9 best bakeries in Texas is no easy task, as all Texans know the Lone Star State can bake with the best of them,” the report says.

Here’s a look at the best bakeries in Texas:

  • Quack’s 43rd Bakery – Austin
  • El Bolillo Bakery – Houston
  • Spiral Diner and Bakery – Dallas
  • Romelia’s Bakery – San Antonio
  • Bella Cora Bakery – El Paso
  • Edible Arts Specialty Cakes & Cookies – Longview
  • The Ruffled Cup – Amarillo
  • Unrefined Bakery – Frisco
  • Small Cakes Cupcakery & Creamery – Rockwall

So, why all of the bakeries talk? Well, September 23 is National Baker Day! NationalToday says, “Baker is the last name of Old English origin, derived from the Middle English ‘bakere’ and the Old English’ baecere.’ It is also derived from the word ‘bacan,’ which means ‘to dry by heat,’ that is, ‘to bake.’ It originated before the eighth century and was primarily used as an occupational name for people who baked bread or bricks.”